You can have this!

When I work with a pregnant woman, I tell her that she can birth with comfort, ease and grace, be totally in control of her response to labor and enjoy her birth.  I tell her that pain is NOT a given, that she can ease her baby down without hard pushing.  I tell her to plan on needing no intervention, that she can expect to feel GREAT after birth, recover quickly and most likely be experiencing euphoric states, bliss and love.  I say this because this is what I usually SEE with women I help.

THE FORMULA:  1.  Identify and release fears, conscious and unconscious;  2. Practice daily to condition your mind/body for complete relaxation;  3.  Practice daily the long slow surge breathing we learn in class;  4.  Fully embrace self-pictures of birthing powerfully and naturally as nature intended;  5.  Shun all negative descriptions and stories about childbirth. (This means verbal, written and media.  If it’s not what you’re wanting, don’t go there!)  6.  Secure a care-provider who has a proven track record in natural birth and will honor your request for a safe intervention-free natural birth;  7. Enjoy a healthy diet  and  regular exercise.

Although almost any healthy woman can have a beautiful natural birth at home or in the hospital, it is not something that will be handed to you.  Our culture of birth-fear coupled with the induction/epidural/cesarean epidemic demands that we plan and work hard for what should come naturally.  For more information about a fear-free natural birth, educate yourself at these great websites: and also


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