Medford HypnoBirthing Class Starts on January 30th

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Smiling at 7 minutes of age

Smiling HypnoBirthing baby Just 7 minutes of age

Listen to descriptions from mothers in this area…

“It was so easy!  I would definitely do it again!”

“Awesome, Powerful, Painless, Transformative!”

“HypnoBirthing Makes the Difference!”

“Definitely My Best Birth Ever!”

“It goes against all the fear we’ve learned about birthing.  HypnoBirthing releases the fear so your body and baby work together!”

“It helped me to be able to relax and focus my energy on opening my body to allow my baby to come out easily with very little pain experienced.”


BIRTH STORY SHARING – Open to All – Learn about HypnoBirthing and Hear the Birth Stories.           Meet the babies!  Jan. 9th, 2010, 4-5:30.  FREE.  Rose Acupuncture Center, Medford

WINTER HYPNOBIRTHING CLASS SERIES at Rose Acupuncture Center, Medford

5 Saturday Afternoons, 3-5:30

January 30, Feb 6, 13, 27, March 6

Tuition: $250, includes textbook, 2 cd’s, notebook of handouts and relaxation scripts

Flexible payment arrangements available for special circumstances

Classes held at Rose Acupuncture Center, Medford, 714 E. Jackson Street,

near Great Harvest Bread.  Parking is in rear of building.

Recommended to Register Early:  Class Space Limited

See more testimonials at HypnoBirthing of Southern Oregon page on Facebook

Rhione Zeixchel LDM 541-846-6216 Certified HBCE;

Helping you create the birth of your dreams.


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