HypnoBirthing is for any birth place… home or hospital or birth center….  But this latest most beautiful birth was in a quiet “birth cottage” that the parents prepared in a guest house in their back yard.  This mama had a cesarean birth first time, due to a sudden emergency at term.  Second birth was a home waterbirth.  And now third birth, homebirth extraordinaire!  Picture quiet room, candlelight, mama in a deep tub of warm water, relaxing focusing relaxing breathing relaxing focusing while papa supports tenderly with gentle touch and quiet prompts.  Mama feels baby move past a landmark in her pelvis and then she starts smiling, knowing he is coming soon!  Breathing down deeply and slowly throughjust a few surges was enough to bring the baby to crowning.  Papa got in his place and received his boy ever so gently and slowly.  Baby boy opened his eyes to connect with his Daddy as he opened and uncurled his body and looked up at him, still under water.  So grateful I was able to witness this miracle!



  1. I am 26 weeks pregnant on my third pregnancy, I have had 2 previous Csections. My husband and I are trying to get someone to allow & assist us in a VBAC. January will be 4 years since my last Csection. I have never come accross so many roadblocks. Its so very frustrating!! I am very happy for this mother who was able to have a wonderful birth experience. This definetely gives me hope!!

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