Stories Inspire!

Gentle birth stories are coming up this Saturday March 13th at the Southern Oregon Yoga Center in Grants Pass. (1607 Williams Hwy) 4-5:30pm. All are invited! Every pregnant woman who attends will receive a valuable gift to take home and enjoy. Please spread the word. Changing the world one baby at a time….

Do you have questions, concerns or curiosity about HypnoBirthing?  Please attend the birth story sharing and you will leave feeling clear, confident and inspired about your plan for a gentle natural childbirth.  If you know you want to create this for yourself and your baby, HypnoBirthing is the structure that will help you make it happen.

HypnoBirthing is NOT….

a weird trance state

being out of control

being controlled by someone, anyone else

against any religious beliefs

something you do to “get away from the pain”

HypnoBirthing is a very real, concrete system …. teaches you a program to condition your body/mind for total relaxation during your birthing so that your very precious wise human female body can do what it was fashioned to do!


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