Stories to Inspire You

Here are some abbreviated stories from our birth story sharing last Saturday.
These testimonials are so inspiring! If you are expecting a baby in the fall or winter, it is time to enroll in this class now. We still have 3 or 4 slots open in this session, which start July 10th. (email for registration)

#1 first time mom, whose labor started when she was on a trip out of town at 37 weeks… (Waterbirth).

“I pretty much plopped myself in the tub. I had my HypnoBirthing CD with me…. I said just please play this CD and I’ll be fine… I listened to it over and over…. And that’s how I prepared for my birth too. I read the book and I listened to the CD every night for six weeks. …. My labor from start to finish was 6 hrs. First baby. No medicine. No intervention. Really no sense of pain at all….. I had heard the moms screaming in the hospital, just so scared (at my work).

It is really possible. I had no real sense of pain. Very calm the whole time. Didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed.

My husband actually made it there 20 minutes before she was born. HypnoBirthing is amazing. It seriously is. It just helps you stay centered and calm and collected. Makes you feel very empowered. That you’re in control, that your body knows what to do. You don’t need any intervention. Your body just knows exactly what to do. You can just get out of the way and not get scared and fearful. It will do its job. And it’s beautiful and empowering and really amazing. So I definitely recommend HypnoBirthing”.

#2 first time mom who had been afraid to get pregnant because she was afraid of the pain of childbirth…. Her husband supported her throughout labor and got into the birthing tub with her.

When I first heard of HypnoBirthing, I was like “Hypno-What?!….”
My friend had her baby 2 months before I did and she took the HypnoBirthing class and my mom (who is a nurse) was there to help deliver her baby… and after that my mom said “I have not seen a birth like this in 35 years and I would really encourage you to do this.”

I didn’t have any pain. The only discomfort was just in my thighs because her head was so low, but no pain because I refused to even go down that route ‘cause it wasn’t painful. It was just…..after [she] was born I actually said “That was fun!”

[after the birth]’re just on this cloud nine! All the endorphins! It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. I waited so long to have a baby…(we’ve been married almost ten years)…it’s because of the fear factor. I was just so scared. But now I’m like “Hah! We could have had ten kids by now!” It (HypnoBirthing) is very helpful because….I don’t know how to explain it. It works!”

“It was a beautiful experience. I was hooked the first time we came here to the first class. When I was presented with the material, it just made sense. (I had a headache when) we did one of the first relaxation exercises, and my headache just went away. This just works. It was awesome. … We would listen to the CD right before bed. That shouldn’t be the only way you listen to it. We started listening to it during the day. Just getting all the stuff in our minds. It was great…. We got the most important stuff out of the book and put it into a simple summary. And

we practiced as much as we could, and then when the time came, it was just second nature to do the exercises….

In the morning we went to the hospital and it was awesome to have the birth plan already out there, published, because that tells everyone in advance obviously what your expectations are and what you want and you avoid all the people prompting you for (other things).
It definitely gives you the idea of how to be that person, that support partner. To me it became just natural. …. It’s intense, not because people are freaking out but because it’s such a beautiful thing.

[When she was born] I cried. I looked at her, and she was just so beautiful. Really clean, really healthy.”

#3 Second time mom, who had an induction and epidural with her first baby. (Waterbirth).

“I listened to the CD every night. And I really really really practiced my deep deep breathing and that’s what MY thing was – my deep breathing….

It was no big deal. It was such a breeze. I woke up my husband and said I think things are happening but it’s no big deal. I’m going to take a shower and then call my doctor. By 3am… I knew something had changed and I said “We have to go now.”

By 3:20 or so… I thought “something’s going on.” ….

When I got to the hospital I was complete and +3. From the time I got into the room in the hospital until I had him, was 9 minutes.

He (my husband) said that he was a firm believer in it….now because he saw me with my first birth… and he didn’t really realize….

It was just beautiful. It was easy. It was the most incredible experience. With the HypnoBirthing, with the breathing, it was a completely different experience. It totally worked. If I ever had another child, I would do it again.”


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