What does a gentle birth look like?

Well of course gentle birth can look a thousand different ways… and two days ago I witnessed one more beautiful gentle sweet HypnoBirth. What I saw was a mother who relaxed into a deep tub of warm water, held in her husband’s loving and powerful arms. I saw her breathing long and deeply and slowly through strong surges, closer and closer together. And then I watched over a few hours as she began quite naturally breathing her baby down, without any prompting. She knew what to do. Her body knew what to do. We started to see little tufts of dark hair waving out enticingly during the peak of the surges. And then after a bit… she breathed her baby right out and reached down and brought her baby up to her chest. A pink squiggly wet crying baby girl who very quickly searched for her mama’s breast and found it and nursed and nursed and nursed.
Summing it up one more time: Gentle birth, with not even one vaginal exam, not even one push. Gentle Gentle Gentle Mother-Directed Papa-Supported Beautiful Birthing. Congratulations!


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