“HypnoBirthing lasts a lifetime. When we birth our babies gently and easily with calmness and love we are giving them the foundational security of feeling welcomed and loved throughout life. For mothers this calm confident way of opening and breathing a baby into the world brings empowerment extraordinaire. For birth partners and fathers, active participation creates an extreme loving bond that begins before birth and lasts for a lifetime.

I’ve been working to help women in natural birth for over 28 years now and HypnoBirthing is THE MOST EFFECTIVE philosophy and technique for childbirth preparation that I have ever encountered.

HypnoBirthing moms are more conscious, more alert, more aware than I have seen in other moms during childbirth. They are deeply focused within, but they are NOT in some kind of far-away trance state, or out of the body state. It is very common for a HypnoBirthing mom to tell ME when she knows her waters are about to release, or that she knows and feels her baby moving down. Deep calm relaxing, lots of focus and connection with baby, less “drama” = more PRESENCE.”

• Being hypnotized to be out of body, or to escape anything
• Being in an erie trance state
• Being out of control or controlled by someone else
• Doing something to cover over or escape from the pain
• Learning a bunch of “techniques” to try in labor if you want to
• Where you birth. (Rather it is for ALL birth places, and for land or waterbirths).

• Understanding how the body works in labor and birth
• Understanding the body-mind connection of labor and birth
• Understanding what gets in the way of birthing easily and naturally and gently
• Understanding how to release fears and obstacles to birthing easily and gently
• Conditioning the body-mind for deep relaxation during labor and birth
• Learning how to breathe the baby down without hard pushing (better for mom and better for baby)
• Forging a deeper and deeper bond between parents and baby, prebirth and during birth and postpartum



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