HypnoBirthing of Southern Oregon

Spring Class Series Begins March 19

You can learn to birth as nature intended… Calmly, comfortably, aware and in control

“After she birthed, I actually said ‘That was fun!’” (New mom’s own description of her birthing).

Five Class Series Begins March 19: Pre-registration Required
Email rhionez@yahoo.com or Call 541-846-6216

Some words from first time parents at our last birth story sharing:
“I waited so long to have a baby… because of the fear factor. I was just so scared. But now I’m like ‘Hah! We could have had ten kids by now’”
“It is really possible! I had no real sense of pain. Very calm the whole time. Didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed.”
And from Dad:
“It was a beautiful experience. I was hooked the first time we came here to the first class. When I was presented with the material, it just made sense. It definitely gives you the idea of how to be that person, that support partner.”

Enroll in the Spring 5-Class Series in Medford: $250 includes all materials, text and CD’s. Return to any other series during this pregnancy at no additional cost. Flexible payment options available by arrangement. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER 541-846-6216 or rhionez@yahoo.com

Class Dates: March 19, March 26, April 9, April 16, April 30. Medford Location To Be Announced. Five Saturday Mornings.

Rhione Zeixchel LDM http://www.alwayswomankind.com rhionez@yahoo.com 541-846-6216
Hypnobirthing of Southern Oregon (visit us on FaceBook) http://www.hypnobirthing.com


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