Riding the Waves “Like Riding a Horse…”

I think this image is so interesting, since many women describe labor as riding waves in the ocean…. I don’t often hear the horse image… How powerful.
“HypnoBirthing made birthing my 2 children pleasurable and empowering. With Rhione’s powerful and compassionate coaching, I was given tools to relax into my body’s instinctual knowing of how to birth. My husband commented that during both births I was so relaxed that I appeared to be asleep! When I stayed relaxed and focused on the breath, the birth energy became waves of intensity that I could ride like a horse. The power of intention through the HypnoBirthing process was also amazing. With my daughter, I was able to intend a 5 hour labor, and that’s exactly what happened! I heartily recommend HypnoBirthing for every birthing couple, and Rhione as an incredible facilitator of this life-changing process.”
Kathy Kali, Williams
THERE ARE 4 SPACES LEFT in the Medford Class beginning March 19! Call 541-846-6216 to register or email rhionez@yahoo.com


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