Grace Showering Down

I am still and always awestruck by the sheer immensity of GRACE that pours down over a new family in the postpartum days.  This Grace was palpable for me as I sat in the home of a postpartum family yesterday.  I witnessed a mother and father with their 6 week old baby girl, lovingly attending to her every single hint of a need with utter DEVOTION and JOY.  I watched them delight in serving her, delight in watching her, delight in sharing their love. The room rang with a silent hum of their love, if you can imagine that.

I watched as they held her over the bathroom sink (at least 3 times while I was there) to let her eliminate without having the cumbersome trouble of diapers.  She let them know by her sounds and body language when she had to “go” and they paid attention and responded.  Eliminination communication or diaper-free parenting is much much more than just a way to go without diapers.  Taking the time to pay attention in this way opens the consciousness to a more intimate knowing of this very beautiful precious being in a deep way. 

I heard their commitment to staying home with their newborn, to maintaining skin to skin contact as much as possible, to wearing their baby as much as possible.  I saw that they had crossed over from a place of “We’d like to…” to “We know what we want for her and so we will change our life to make that happen.” 

I listened as this Mama recounted her birth story from her deep inside place, with tears running down her cheeks, unable to contain or express the profound love she is experiencing for her child.  Words are almost useless in portraying the depth of transformation that is available through natural conscious birthing and parenting. Old veils are lifted and we are able to understand the nature of things in a way not open to us in our ordinary mind.

I wish for each Mother and Father the spaciousness to be able to slow down and take the time to be present for themselves and for their newborn babies in this simple loving way.  I can find no better word for this than DEVOTION.

To be able to be included in such a deep momentous and personal transformation such as this is a beautiful honor and gift to me and I am so very very grateful.  As for the planet, THIS LOVE THIS DEVOTION is our HOPE and LIGHT.


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