In love with HypnoBirthing and Waterbirthing

Friday night I attended a home waterbirth of a mama having a baby for the first time.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL!  She had a short and smooth labor, hardly needed any outside support, was in trust with her body.  She did long slow breathing throughout and then at the end it turned into a kind of “Om-ing”  sound with each breath.  She NEVER PUSHED AT ALL but breathed her baby gently and slowly into his papa’s hands.  Afterward, her partner said “It wouldn’t have been like this without all we learned from those HypnoBirthing classes.”  Gentle birthing, healthy baby, healthy mama, happy family.  (P.S. Elated Midwives!)

Stay tuned for dates on upcoming classes.   Next series slated for Mid-February 2013!Big Island Waterfall Cave

I took this photo of a waterfall-cave on the Big Island of Hawaii when I traveled there with Jae Rowan, my friend and HypnoBirth Instructor extraordinaire.  Elena Tonetti, of Birth As We Know It, reminds us that when women enter the water in labor, they are able to become “more like water” in their own being, thus facilitating a flowing openness to the natural hormones of birth.


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