HypnoBirthing and Smiling Babies

I remember so well the thrill of seeing this newborn baby’s smile. Just minutes old, she looked up at her Daddy with a lovely smile as he spoke to her for the first time. It was as if she was saying “Oh hi! It’s you!”  Many people think that it takes days or weeks until you will see a newborn smile.

However in our experience as home birth midwives, it is NOT UNCOMMON for babies to smile

Smiling newborn!

Smiling newborn!

within the first hours or days!  And I don’t mean “just gas!”

In our second class of the series, we focus a lot on pre-birth bonding with your baby.  Parents begin to understand that the baby is here now rather than someone who will arrive “then” at that magical “due time” in the future.  Moms get more tuned into their little ones as they do the HypnoBirthing relaxation practice and the breathing practice.  We encourage moms to do daily “fetal love breaks” (coined by neonatologist Fred Wirth who wrote the book Prenatal Parenting).

Our February Class Series begins February 9th and runs for Five Consecutive Saturday afternoons in Jacksonville.  Preregister as soon as possible!  A gift to yourself in your birthing time and a lifetime gift for your baby!  HypnoBirthing makes a world of difference.  We keep the class  small  on purpose so please don’t wait.  Join you on February 9th!  Your birth partner is welcome of course!

To preregister:  rhionez@yahoo.com or call 541-833-0999.


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