Prenatal Bonding with Your Baby

Babies are fully engaged with us during their time in the womb.  They can hear, see, taste and smell from very early on.  They respond to sounds by startling to loud or frightening noises and moving joyfully to the sounds of their family talking, singing, and playing with them.  They are engaged in an exercise program to strengthen their body and their movements are coordinated to their mother’s voice.

When you develop a relationship with the little one growing inside, it is much easier to focus on the intention that you and baby are working together to create a calm and gentle birthing.

Neonatologist Fred Wirth, introduced the concept of “Fetal Love Breaks”.  These love breaks involve taking 2-3 minutes, several times throughout the day, to connect and send love to your baby.   His research showed that moms and dads who connect regularly with their babies, have fewer complications of pregnancy and better birth outcomes.

Falling in love with our babies, while they are still inside, becomes so natural as we spend time engaging in some of the following activities:

A daily relaxation practice such as taught in your HypnoBirthing classes.  Baby is aware and listening. She or he is being bathed in the mother’s hormones during relaxation and also benefits from peace and calm

 Massage your belly with oil or in the bath

Play with the baby when they move and kick, by gently stroking, pushing, and massaging back.

Talk to your baby, and invite family members to talk to the baby as well.  Baby will respond


As the study of fetology has grown, many suggestions for deepening this relationship have been studied and practiced.  One such suggestion involves singing to your baby. Baby will love your singing!  You can begin by singing the same bedtime song before you go to bed each night.  Babies learn to appreciate repetition and are able to recognize a familiar song.   This song can become a nighttime cue to help the baby relax and go to sleep.  My daughter loved her nighttime song so much that once she could talk, if I forgot to sing it, she requested it every night for the next seven years!  Choose a song that is pleasing to you and you will enjoy singing.

You can also choose another song to sing when you are upset.  When mother relaxes so does baby.  Singing this familiar song each time you are upset, to calm yourself down, will teach this same skill to the baby.  In the weeks and months after the birth, this song can help a fussy, inconsolable baby to calm down and relax.

If you need help in finding songs to sing to baby, there are many wonderful recordings of children’s music that you can purchase, or perhaps borrow from friends.

In essence, have fun with your baby.  It will deeply enrich your experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting!


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